Clinics Hospital of Paraná overcomes conflicts through playing

The Clinics Hospital of Paraná is a major university hospital in Brazil. The Expansive Hospital game was tried out by a team of healthcare professionals who were facing conflicts due to major changes in work organization. The instruments department moved to another building, leaving behind its biggest client: the surgery department. Soon after the move, the departments involved in surgeries could not organized as smoothly as before, when they were close together.

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The play experience helped the professionals to recognize that the conflicts did not stem from bad personal relationships, but from bad work processes. The lack of communication was a major shortcoming identified.


Reflecting on the experience, the participants identified two contradictions inherent to their work, which they cannot remove but adapt:

  • The need to plan in advance and the need to adapt for emergencies
  • The work autonomy and the lack of enforcement from top management

The game contributed to overcome the conflict and stimulate the creation of a new project by the Human Resources department to stimulate collaboration, mediation and support.