Individual play session

The Expansive Hospital can be played as an individual session or as part of a corporate training program. Each session includes an introduction on the scientific background behind the game, the instructions to play the game, and a facilitated discussion about the lessons to take home.

The total duration of a session is 4 hours, with a break in between.

  • 6-8 participants –  €2.500
  • 8-16 participants –  €5.000
  • 16-24 participants –  €7.500
  • More participants (please contact us)

After the session, we provide a PowerPoint report with key points discussed during the session. To deliver a detailed written report we charge an additional 750 EUR.

Commercial license

To play the game on your own, you need a commercial license. The license includes the game box and one individual session. The license is valid for one year.

  • 1 box – €10.000
  • 4 boxes – €15.000
  • 8 boxes – €20.000

Educational license

The educational license is an affordable option available only for universities and schools. The price is €500 per box. Each box can be played by 8 students max.

How to order

We accept orders worldwide. All fees are excluding traveling and facility costs.

Please get in touch if you are interested.envelope