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The Expansive Hospital is now available to order as a corporate training session or as a commercial box. It is a unique tool, designed as a board game, that helps to understand the challenges of collaboration among construction and healthcare experts. Each session is guided by a professional trainer and simulates the cycle between design and operation of a hospital, in a simplified and funny way.

It is a management game developed at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. This research found that hospital design is often over schedule and budget, due to the conflicts of interests between the multiple parties involved. It can be applied to various large scale projects, like building, software, lean, forming of new management teams etc.

The game plot is a hospital undergoing constant expansion, so all the profits are reinvested in real estate development. The modus operandi is building new facilities while operating the existing. Each game session simulates a process that takes between 5 and 25 years of a hospital history, with many successive construction and operation rounds.

Developed skills:

  • Dealing with multiple perspectives over a single complex problem.
  • Making long term investments as a team
  • Negotiating compromises
  • Step into the role of other professionals in your team

The Expansive Hospital has now been released and can be ordered.

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